About Us

The Story Behind Loving Lacquer Cosmetics, LLC

Back in 2012 when I was in undergraduate school, I wanted to launch a nail polish line. I was really into it and would polish my hall mates’ nails for money. For one reason or another, the idea died and it never happened.

Fast forward to 2015. Before I graduated ,I told a friend about wanting to launch a cosmetics business. I even decided to research the beauty industry and use my research for my senior capstone course. But again, for one reason or another, it never happened.

Fast forward one more time to 2019.I decided to take the steps to actually put that lingering idea in MOTION!

The Concept 

I'm an art enthusiast and I believe that makeup is a form of art just like the art you would see in a museum. Our products are given names that reference art tools, materials, artists, etc. I decided to merge my appreciation for art and makeup through the creation of this company.

 Proper Pronunciation of the Word "Lacquer"

ˈlakər/ lack-er

Definition: “A finish that is used to give a more polished look whilst serving as a form of protection”

The lip lacquers will provide a gloss that can be used solely as a lip gloss or can be used to give your liquid to matte lipstick a shine!

The nail lacquers will provide a highly pigmented shine to your nails.

With Love,
Kimberly Loving

Owner of Loving Lacquer Cosmetics, LLC


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